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Treatment Options

Through our many inpatient and outpatient centers across the country, we offer a host of treatment options from interventions to alumni support groups and everything in between. We encourage you to call and ask us about all our offerings.


Detox services are available for those suffering from a substance use disorders in which they have developed a level dependence that would lead to withdrawal symptoms if they attempted to stop use. Detox programs help clients manage the aches and pains of the withdrawal process.

Residential Care

Our residential rehabilitation program immerses clients in a safe, sober and supportive environment. Guided through treatment by our team of caring experts, clients learn how to break free from drug dependencies and compulsive behaviors. From admission to discharge, we’re there every step of the way.

Aftercare Services

Early in the treatment process, we work with clients to develop continuing care plans. Contacts and referrals are provided to further recovery, and schedules detailing client activity for several days post-treatment are created. Follow-ups typically begin 30 days post-treatment.

The Addiction & Recovery Process

Step 1: Admit to the problem

The guilt and shame that comes with addiction is powerful, and these emotions commonly act as barriers to getting help. Without admitting a problem, it’s difficult to commit to treatment – and recovery is nearly impossible without that commitment. It may be hard to give in and admit to not only a drug or alcohol problem, but that the problem is too big to handle alone. However, those who put off this crucial step are more likely to continue abusing substance, which only continues the dangerous cycle. Don’t let an addiction continue to control life any longer.

Step 2: Take our clinical assessment

Getting help can feel overwhelming. Taking our clinical assessment opens up initial dialogue between a potential treatment patient and a Treatment Consultant, who asks questions and gathers important information about substance abuse history in order to define where the individual is in the addiction process and begin the recovery process. Our assessments are conducted by highly trained and compassionate Treatment Consultants who do everything they can to ensure the following stages of the recovery process are as comfortable as possible.

Step 3: Complete our medical detox process (if necessary)

Detox removes toxins from the body that have accumulated due to substance abuse. While it can be a challenging and difficult stage, detox it’s absolutely essential to recovery. Our medical team works to make the process as manageable as possible, providing medically supervised detox in a safe, supportive environment. If necessary, we administer drugs that can reduce, or eliminate, some withdrawal symptoms. The detox process can last anywhere from several days to two weeks, depending on the intensity of use, physical makeup and the specific drug being cleansed from the body.

Step 4: Enter our residential treatment program

Clients are guided through our residential rehabilitation program by our team of caring, licensed experts who closely interact with clients and help them break free from drug dependencies and compulsive behaviors. Our program combines evidence-based treatment modalities, such as motivational interviewing and dialectical behavioral therapy and the 12-step model. We customize treatment to the needs of each client, and provide comprehensive services for an enriched, engaging recovery experience. Residential treatment includes individual and group therapy, supportive family care, wellness and nutrition, education classes, therapeutic recreational activities and so much more.

Step 5: Begin the aftercare program

Whether it’s to a sober living community or back home, we ensure a smooth transition upon discharge. During treatment, each client is assigned a primary therapist and case management team, who assist in developing a comprehensive discharge plan. This ensures clients are armed with appropriate contacts, resources and referrals for continue care. Clients are also encouraged to participate in our alumni program to remain connected and receive ongoing support for continued recovery.

We Can Help

American Addiction Centers is a national behavioral healthcare provider focused on addiction treatment and rehabilitation. Our staff of expert drug addiction specialists, seasoned physicians, caring therapists and more, is dedicated to providing the absolute best, proven methods of treatment and rehabilitation. Our facilities, located across the country, offer unmatched programs and services that honor mind, body and soul. No Matter your addiction – We can Help.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

American Addiction Centers is the go-to resource for all of your clients’ needs. Our full-service case and crisis management division, which includes EAP/MAP and intervention services, provides nationwide organizations with employee and member care.

Employee Assistance Program