Organized Recreation Therapy

For children, innocent fun is easy and natural. One of the awful consequences of substance abuse is that people can forget how to enjoy life without being drunk or high. Through the organized recreation therapy offered at American Addiction Centers, clients and their families learn to re-connect with each other, as well as the fun-loving child that exists within. These recreational activities can range from painting to playing games to BBQs or picnics.


How does playing games qualify as “substance abuse treatment”? Organized recreation is therapeutic in more ways that you might realize:

  1. Decreased social anxiety: clients learn how to feel comfortable in social situations without drugs or alcohol.
  2. Stress relief: the time spent in drug rehabcan be highly stressful, as clients confront long-buried emotional issues through intense counseling sessions. Recreation provides an important relief valve during this period.
  3. Strengthening bonds: addicts often experience feelings of loneliness or isolation, feelings that can hinder a successful long-term recovery. Recreation promotes newfound friendships among drug rehab center clients, and strengthens the frayed relationships between the addict and his or her loved ones. A focus group of treatment providers surveyed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration cited “recreational or social events for the entire family” as a key component to successful client outcomes.

A Curtin University study also found recreational activity carries enormous benefits for all people, both addicts and non-addicts. Those benefits include better mental health, increased alertness and more resilience “against the stresses of modern living.” Organized recreation is empowering to substance abuse rehab clients, and so it’s a key component to the comprehensive holistic drug rehab offered through American Addiction Centers. Call us today at 877-640-1943.

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