Leading the Way for Family Addiction Treatment

We offer addiction treatment for teens, adolescents and parents, and help find family therapy and counseling.

Why is Family Addiction Treatment Important?

Chances for sustained recovery increase dramatically when families are involved, as addiction reaches far beyond the individual.

The family often recognizes the problem before their loved one is ready to acknowledge or get help for his or her addiction. Our staff lends its hope and experience to family members so they can understand the impact of addition on their own lives.

Call or email us today if you or a loved one needs help. Our Treatment Consultants work with families to decide if a loved one is ready for treatment, and what to do next. There are ways to help the addict safely reach rock bottom. Facilitating interventions, developing treatment plans and arranging aftercare programs led by skilled, caring professionals – we make the connections that allow families to break the destructive patterns of addiction.

American Addiction Centers owns and operates exceptional nationwide facilities. While each facility is unique, all strongly focus on family care. Upon admission, clients are assigned a treatment team, and individualized treatment plans emphasize the rebuilding of family strength and support.

Call us today at 877-640-1943 to begin the journey toward recovery.


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