Desert Hope Treatment Center

Desert Hope is a part of the American Addiction Centers (AAC) family of treatment facilities and is located in the heart of Las Vegas on a gorgeous treatment oasis. With elegant beauty and modern charm, the 148-bed facility includes a gym, serenity room and massage room and complimentary housekeeping.

Desert Hope Treatment Program

  1. Lasts from 30-90 days depending on client needs
  2. Strongly focuses on trauma, maladaptive behavioral health issues and enlightenment through our own 12-Step walk.
  3. Offers traditional therapies including group, family, and individual, as well as recovery-oriented challenge and expressive therapies, personal training, and EMDR.

Services Include:

  1. Research-based Care: With a strong focus on the treatment modalities of Motivational Interviewing and EMDR, we work with the patients wherever they are in the recovery process. These therapies also provide greater opportunities for patients to get to know those in their cohorts.
  2. 12-Step Walk: Our outdoors 12-Step Walk is a beautiful and unique feature. Each rock in the formation signifies one of the twelve steps. Patients take pride in their treatment process by walking further through the formation as they progress.
  3. Family Program: In addition to our family therapy sessions, our unique Family Therapy Program developed by Wayne Raiter, MA, LICSW, helps loved ones understand the role of chemical dependency and how to rebuild the family system.
  4. Unique Focus on Wellness: Desert Hope not only emphasizes clinical treatment, but also the therapeutic value of physical/nutritional wellness. Class topics include health risks, smoking cessation, HIV awareness and life skills. We also feature lectures by our medical and nursing staff. Classes and lectures, along with interactive wellness activities, teach patients to enjoy taking care of their bodies and making healthy choices.
  5. Aftercare: Our case managers are committed to working with our clients and their families to introduce healthy sober activities in their community, social support systems, 12-Step meetings, high school, GED or college classes and therapeutic appointments.

For more information about Desert Hope, call us today at 877-640-1943.

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