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Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Addicts with the best counselors and support groups still may not achieve sobriety if their own personal level of commitment and effort is lacking. At American Addiction Centers, we use motivational enhancement therapy to unlock the hidden strength crucial to success in recovery.

What is motivational enhancement therapy?

Motivational enhancement therapy, or MET, is a form of motivational interviewing that includes an assessment, or “check-up” component in which the addict’s behavior is evaluated in comparison to societal norms. This check-up allows the client to see that his or her drug abuse is often much more intense and severe than they thought. Because addicts socialize and bond more with other addicts, they can mistakenly come to believe that the emotional roller coaster of addiction is both normal and common. Shattering this myth is important, and MET opens the door to a client’s increased willingness to make a change.

Some general traits of MET include:

  1. The counselor is non-confrontational, and accepts that the client may have mixed feelings about drug rehab.
  2. The counselor motivates by exploring the client’s deep unhappiness with life as it is, and that something is missing. For example, what are the client’s long-term goals? Why are those goals not being achieved through the client’s day-to-day actions?
  3. The counselor treats the client with empathy, and congratulates him or her for making it this far. After all, substance abuse treatment isn’t easy.

Numerous studies have shown the use of MET in substance abuse rehab to be highly effective:

  1. A 1993 University of New Mexico study found a two-session motivational checkup led to a 57 percent reduction in alcohol abuseamong the problem drinkers who were included. Additionally, the study found MET-style counseling was better received by clients, as confrontational counselors “yielded significantly more resistance…the more the therapist confronted, the more the client drank.”
  2. A 2000 Syracuse University study found MET-style interventions led to “significant reductions” in alcoholism among college students who had previously been binge drinkers.

At American Addiction Centers, MET and other proven techniques contribute to better outcomes, one satisfied client at a time. To learn more, call us at 800-890-1956.

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