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The Time has Come to Help the Alcoholic

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Helping Alcoholics

There are too many alcoholics in the world today, and too many of us are enabling them to continue in their addiction.  It’s time for all of us to evaluate our lives and do something to help those suffering from alcoholism.

Alcoholics today are more discreet than ever, and many of them are able to hold down even high-profile jobs, while being dependent upon alcohol.  Alcoholics today aren’t always the homeless, jobless, drunks on the street corner.  They can be successful businessmen, mothers, doctors, or teachers.  The reason people are able to hide alcoholism so well is that many have family, friends, and coworkers that are willing to look the other way and not confront or report the problem.

Alcoholism at Work

Alcoholism in the workplace is a growing problem.  Sometimes it is the boss that has the drinking problem and everyone is too afraid to say anything.  Or it may be an employee that sneaks a drink at work, or over lunch, and the other workers feel that it is none of their business to say something.  This is wrong for a number of reasons:  People can fall into alcohol abuse and alcoholism for a variety of reasons and coworkers should care enough about others to not allow this to continue.  Employees should also care enough about their business to speak up about alcoholism.  There are ways to go about reporting an alcohol problem at work, while allowing the alcoholic to get help for their disease.

Many times it takes a humiliating experience or an accident to finally make someone face their alcoholism.  But it shouldn’t have to come to that point.  Why should we have to wait until the person messes up and comes to work all tipsy and finds themselves on the floor in front of clients before we offer that alcoholic help?  And do any of us really want to be out on the same road as someone that has had too many drinks, or be operated on by a surgeon that has had a drink prior to surgery or is battling a hangover?

Help for alcoholics from loved ones

It is true that confronting an alcoholic, whether at home or at work, can be very difficult.  But it usually takes the help of a loved one to get that person into treatment, and there are some ways to go about it to make it more successful.

First of all, we need to stop rescuing the alcoholic in our life.  We shouldn’t make any more excuses for their actions or rescue them in other ways from alcohol-related consequences.  Secondly, talk to the person.  Be honest and fair.  Tell them what you’ve seen or know about the problem, and express your concern for their well-being.  Then, be ready to help.  You can call a hotline to get them help, or call an alcohol rehab center for them.

With all the dangers from violence and alcohol-related accidents we aren’t doing anyone any favors by keeping quiet about alcoholism.  The sooner an alcoholic gets help for the problem, the better for all of us.


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