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Teen Drug Rehab

Adolescence is a time of firsts… first boyfriend or girlfriend, first car and often the first time experimenting with alcohol or drugs. For many teens, that first drink or hit can lead to addiction, and in turn, the need for teen drug rehab. American Addiction Centers can help.

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What makes drug treatment for teens so different?

Teen drug rehabilitation focuses specifically on young adults, either through a teen-orientated program or an adolescent drug rehab facility that exclusively serves teenagers. There are many benefits that result from this approach, though a comfortable atmosphere fit for a teen is perhaps the most important.

Adolescents struggling with addiction must be treated to avoid a darkened future. When adolescent drug treatment becomes a necessity, it doesn’t mean all of the other aspects of a young person’s life should or will disappear. American Addiction Centers offers adolescent drug rehabilitation that bring balance to treatment, education, life experience and even fun – all within a sober environment. As a premier addiction treatment and rehabilitation organization, we’ve experienced a high success rate with our youngest of patients. Call us at 800-890-1956.

How does teen drug rehab work?

At American Addiction Centers, teen rehab is designed in a way that makes treatment interesting and engaging for teenaged clients while still generally functioning just like traditional substance abuse treatment. There are essential fundamentals of any treatment program that must be included if the addict, regardless of age, is going to stay clean.

Fundamental steps of our adolescent program include:

  1. An intake process that identifies any particular issues, in addition to substance abuse, with which the client is struggling, such as eating disorders or mental illness/dual diagnosis.
  2. Detox, a challenging but necessary process that removes all drug toxins from the body.
  3. An intensive residential treatment stage that includes individual, group and family counseling. Unlike adult drug rehab centers, teen drug treatment includes an academic component — clients can stay up-to-date with class work while receiving the substance abuse help they need.

What if I’m not completely sure if my son or daughter has a drug problem?

It’s not always 100% clear if your teen is using, as many signs and symptoms of adolescent drug abuse are sometimes part of typical teenage behavior. Mental health issues, and not drug addiction, may also be prevalent. But there are warning signs that your child may have a drug problem:

  1. Poor hygiene or messy appearance
  2. Chewing gum or mints to cover up breath
  3. Track marks on arms or legs (or long sleeves in warm weather to hide marks)
  4. Reckless driving, car accidents, or unexplained dents in the car
  5. Avoiding eye contact
  6. Secretive phone calls
  7. Mood changes or emotional instability
  8. Decreased motivation
  9. Periods of sleeplessness or high energy, followed by long periods of “catch up” sleep
  10. Truancy or loss of interest in schoolwork

Look to trained professionals

Determining if your child has a problem with drug abuse and what type of teen drug treatment to seek is not something that parents have to do alone. Trained professionals are ready and willing to help. Teenagers can be headstrong, and your son or daughter at first may react angrily to being questioned about their substance abuse, but you must remind yourself that inaction is not an option — your teen could die a tragic, premature death without the help of substance abuse treatment.

But with help, even the most troubled young adults can turn their lives around. In his teens and twenties, Richard D. was consumed by a life of drug addiction and crime. In recovery, Richard went from sitting in the back of police cars to a new career as a successful criminal and family law attorney. Living sober made all the difference. “My life was an embarrassment,” Richard told Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. “I came from good parents and people that cared about me more than I cared about myself. Today, I have dignity. I have self-esteem. I have pride.”

Your child deserves those same feelings of self-worth and pride. Giving them the gift of recovery will be your most important act as a parent. Call American Addiction Centers today at 800-890-1956.

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