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Take Time to Get Away

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Do you ever need time away? Most people need a break here or there, to rejuvenate, to refocus, or to just get away from everyday life. Too many people, however, do not take the much needed time off or break from work and life.

Someone who struggles with the temptation to abuse drugs or alcohol may do well with some sort of vacation. Someone who has been known to self-medicate with substances when times get tough may especially need to schedule those little retreats, in order to renew themselves in a healthy way.

Take a Real Vacation

It is hard to get away. When we have a lot of responsibilities at work, with family, or socially, it may not be possible to take a few weeks away regularly. If you are able, financially and schedule-wise, to escape for a week or more when needed, take advantage of that. Go someplace exotic, or far away from the norm; someplace where all cell phones are turned off, where you don’t feel the need to use drugs, where relaxing with alcohol is not necessary. Enjoy the beauty of nature, or get to know a new culture, or learn something new. Make these healthy things your focus for that period of time, and learn that you can renew yourself and get back to life, without turning back to drugs or alcohol.

Take a Mini Break

Many people simply find it impossible to leave their lives for a whole week or any extended period of time. A weekend away can be just as beneficial, or even just a night in a different place. You could find a modern hotel in the middle of your busy life in which to spend an evening away. Or you could look for a bed and breakfast in a quaint little town nearby for a place to escape. There are places close to us that will welcome us with open arms, help take our minds off of things, and allow us to relax and renew. It doesn’t have to be across the country or across the world. Look close to where you are to find places where you might not normally go. Take your spouse, or loved one, and just go.

Slow Down

It is amazing sometimes how hard we can really work. Many people devote their entire lives to their career and family, and in most cases this is good. It becomes a problem, however, when people let these things interfere with their physical or mental health. Sometimes a hardworking person starts to feel resentment over their work, and they may need to be taken care of. Rather than escaping by getting high or drunk, find a healthier way to get away.

Experts tell us that a little rest and relaxation is healthy. Instead of pushing yourself so hard that you feel you need drugs or alcohol to get through the day, schedule a little time to renew yourself.


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Bethany Winkel

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