Drug and Alcohol Addiction Support Groups

support groups In the battle against drug and alcohol addiction, sometimes the best sources for help aren’t trained clinicians or counselors, but people who have gone through the same challenges and experience as you or your loved one. This type of help is often found through support groups. To speak with someone in recovery, call 877-640-1943.

Why join drug and alcohol addiction support groups?

Whether you’re battling addiction or are suffering from a loved one’s addiction, chances are you’ve felt uncomfortable or embarrassed about your unstable life. Shame can cause a reluctance to talk about your experiences, for fear of being judged. Addiction creates a wall surrounding our emotions, but that wall must come down or recovery will fail. Drug and alcohol support groups are non-judgmental and safe, and can be extremely helpful in tearing down these emotional barriers. However, supports groups are no substitute for the alcohol or drug rehabs that offer important services that support groups don’t, such as detox. For help in finding the right treatment program, call American Addiction Centers today at 877-640-1943.

Following the 12 steps…

Many support groups follow a 12-step treatment model with decades of proven success. The 12 steps function under a structure of anonymity and what is said during support group meetings is not repeated outside those walls. Other aspects of the 12-step program include personal accountability without self-pity or excessive guilt. The 12 steps teach members to recognize and understand past failings and correct them without dwelling on the past. 12-step programs also offer important help to their members beyond the meetings. Members typically exchange phone numbers and can call on each other during difficult times, like when an addict needs help with relapse prevention. Facilities within the American Addiction Centers family incorporate 12-Step meetings, support groups and community integration, in which clients gather for social events, providing members an opportunity to have fun in a healthy, nurturing atmosphere.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Perhaps the best-known 12-step support group is Alcoholics Anonymous, or “AA,” a program of men and women who share their experiences, strength and hope to together recover from alcoholism. There are no membership dues in AA, and the only requirement for membership is having the desire to stop drinking. AA groups support themselves financially through voluntary member contributions.

Narcotics Anonymous

There are also 12-step programs geared specifically toward recovering drug addicts. Narcotics Anonymous is modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous, the main difference being its members are working to overcome an addiction to drugs, not alcohol. Cocaine Anonymous is a support group tailored to those with cocaine or crack addictions.

Other addiction support groups

In addition to helping those whose lives have been touched by substance abuse, the 12-step model has been incorporated into Gamblers Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous and Codependents Anonymous, helping men and women recover from dysfunctional relationships.

Family support groups

Addiction is truly a family disease, and those who have been affected by the addict, regardless of whether that person is still using, can benefit greatly from their own support groups. Al-Anon is a support group that serves not alcoholics, but their spouses and friends. Like AA, Al-Anon meetings have no required dues or fees, and are guided by the 12 steps of recovery. Al-Anon also includes a separate category of meetings for younger members, called Alateen. Nar-Anon is similar to Al-Anon, but offers for friends or family of drug addicts.

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