Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab

For those who want or require luxury drug and alcohol rehab, American Addiction Centers can help provide a program that meets your demands. Call our Treatment Consultants now at 877-640-1943.


What makes luxury drug and alcohol rehab different?

Luxury drug rehab is built on the principle that recovery doesn’t have to feature more structured punishment in order to work. Decades ago, some drug rehab facilities used an “attack therapy” model in which clients were aggressively treated. Fortunately, that type of treatment isn’t practiced much these days, and luxury rehabilitation is the complete opposite of a boot camp approach.

Even in a luxury setting, however, not every part of getting clean will be easy. For example, detox can be challenging at times.

Luxury drug rehabilitation offers relaxing, spa-quality accommodations that help clients unwind after a busy day of individual counseling and group therapy sessions. With gourmet chefs and soothing massages, clients approach each day of treatment feeling pampered and refreshed.

Innovative therapies, intimate settings.

With one call, American Addiction Centers will work with you or your loved one to begin the treatment and recovery process. American Addiction Centers owns and operates premiere adult drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation facilities nationwide.

After a day of healing, luxury drug rehabilitation clients sleep in resort-style rooms in beautiful facilities, adding to the overall sense of serenity, led by a staff with impeccable healthcare credentials who provides a complete array of holistic drug treatment options. At luxury drug rehab, you’ll cleanse your mind, body and soul through acupuncture, yoga, meditation and more.

Luxury surroundings are coupled with high-quality care.

All the pampering in the world wouldn’t be worth it if you left luxury rehab without the tools for a successful recovery.

Clients receive a thorough, individualized diagnosis that identifies any other issues, in addition to drug abuse, such as eating disorders or mental illness/dual diagnosis.

After your time here is complete, the caring, expert staff of American Addiction Centers will provide you with aftercare programs and connect you with support groups and resources essential future sobriety. Luxury rehab isn’t a quick fix, but the start of a lifelong recovery journey.

You’re leaving home, but not its comforts.

At luxury drug rehabilitation, client comfort is crucial, and that’s why our luxury facilities offer wireless Internet and plasma TVs to make downtime more enjoyable. Some also allow clients scheduled, supervised shopping excursions. And for those with demanding executive jobs that never quit, luxury rehabilitation in some cases will allow cell phone use so business can be conducted.

Above all else, luxury drug rehab understands that some clients have different needs and demands when it comes to treatment. Those high standards, though, shouldn’t keep you or your loved one from the happiness found through recovery. Call American Addiction Centers today at 877-640-1943 to get started in a program that will open the door to a better life.

Exclusive, private self-pay and insurance-based drug treatment services are immediately available. Learn more about private drug rehab here.



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