Executive Rehab for Professionals

Executive-Rehab-AddictionMany executives have struggled with drug use as they rose up the corporate ladder, and with the help of rehab for professional, they came back stronger than ever. Call American Addiction Centers today at 877-640-1943 for addiction treatment that can save your career, and your life.

Today’s business world can be a pressure-cooker.

Layoffs and looming project deadlines; life as an executive isn’t easy, and many professionals, after their latest 10+ hour workday turn to drug or alcohol abuse for stress relief. Over time, however, drug abuse becomes less of a choice and more of a dependence. This addiction problem could ultimately destroy the career and good name you’ve spent so many years building.

Executive rehab is beneficial, and confidential.

At American Addiction Centers, we understand how important privacy is, not just on a personal level, but within business and professional circles. Unfortunately, there’s a still a stigma when it comes to drug rehab, even though it’s the most responsible in overcoming addition. We keep treatment stay absolutely confidential, and you don’t have to worry about business associates or clients asking you about your “problem.”

Addiction is a medically-recognized disease, and our executive rehabilitation facilities treat it as such. Clients are healed in a non-judgmental manner, and their identities are never revealed to outsiders. Craig Arey, chief operating officer for a North Carolina executive rehab, told the Business Journal why this specialized form of substance abuse treatment is so important. “Most people think of drunks and drug users as people stumbling along, living under an overpass somewhere,” Arey said. “But many times they are people who in society’s eyes are doing great. They are people who can be in the public trust, so we want to create a very private sort of place because of who our clients are.”

Successful professionals are used to staying in comfortable surroundings when they travel. Within the treatment programs available through American Addiction Centers, not only do clients enjoy the privacy and tranquility of secluded, secure facilities, but clients sleep in luxurious bedrooms and relax with massage services and wellness programs.

Through our hospital detox process, executive rehab will get you clean and sober, using prescription medications to minimize any uncomfortable drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This detox assistance is important, as many addicts struggle to stop using on their own.

Our individual and group counseling sessions will help you recognize and overcome long-standing emotional and psychological issues that led you to use in the first place. And since stress in the workplace will most likely still exist after rehab, clients are taught healthy, drug-free ways of dealing with these pressures; learning how to better handle future stress is a key part of successful relapse prevention.

After rehab, and if necessary, you’ll be connected to local 12-step support groups. At American Addiction Centers, our goal is for clients to leave our executive drug rehab stronger, more confident and ready to tackle any problem. For treatment that will get your career, and your life, back on track, call 877-640-1943 today.

Exclusive, private self pay and insurance based drug treatment services are immediately available. Call today to learn more.