Addiction Treatment Mississippi

Addiction Treatment Mississippi

Addiction Treatment Mississippi – Known as the “Crossroads of the South,” the state of Mississippi (pop. 2,921,088) is also a crossroads for drug smuggling. Drug traffickers are drawn to the state’s 362 miles of coastline and extensive interstate highway system, which has made cocaine, methamphetamine and other drugs readily available to Mississippians. If you’re ready to get clean and stay clean through drug rehab, call American Addiction Centers today at 877-640-1943.

Lots of drugs pass through Mississippi, but that doesn’t mean addicts have to keep using.

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the state’s central location as the “Crossroads of the South” has made Mississippi a preferred route for drug traffickers who are shipping drugs from South Texas/Mexico to the Midwest or East Coast. Some of those drugs that travel through Mississippi are inevitably sold to the state’s residents, spreading the tragic disease of addiction through countless families.

With our specialized drug rehab programs, you or your loved one will learn how to enjoy every day of sobriety. We offer substance abuse rehab programs specifically geared to clients’ needs, such as women’s drug rehab or Christian drug rehab. With such individualized care, clients feel more comfortable and enjoy greater long-term success.

Cocaine is a huge problem in the Magnolia State, but drug rehab can help.

The DEA classifies cocaine and crack as the “primary drug threat” in the state. According to the DEA:

  1. Cocaine abuse is happening in both the cities and rural areas of Mississippi.
  2. Cocaine is associated with lots of violent crime in Mississippi, more so than any other drug.
  3. Cocaine has a high addiction rate, which is a key reason why it is such a dangerous drug.

In 2006, 1,780 Mississippians entered drug rehab because of their cocaine habit. Sadly, that represents only small portion of Mississippi residents who need substance abuse treatment for cocaine addiction. Some cocaine addicts in Mississippi try to quit on their own, but those efforts often fail because cocaine detox can cause the addict anxiety, depression and intense cravings. These addicts sometimes start using again just to make the withdrawal symptoms go away.

With our drug rehab, highly-trained medical staff assist clients through the detox process by providing around-the-clock care as well as medications that can ease, or even eliminate, withdrawal symptoms. When it comes to quitting cocaine or any other drug, rehab works – period. Call American Addiction Centers today at 877-640-1943.

Drug abuse is an epidemic among teens, but drug rehab gives young adults a second chance.

Statistics from the 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Survey demonstrate the severity of the teen addiction problem in Mississippi:

  1. Almost 36% of Mississippi high school students who were surveyed reported having tried marijuana at least once.
  2. More than 5% of Mississippi students reported having used cocaine.
  3. More than 12% of Mississippi students said they had gotten high using inhalants.

Other dangerous activities, such as binge drinking/alcohol abuse and prescription drug abuse, are quite common among young adults in Mississippi. More than one in ten college-aged Mississippi residents, for example, has abused prescription painkillers, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Thankfully, there are many Mississippi teen drug rehab programs that specialize helping adolescents in which teenaged clients are surrounded by other addicts their own age, which leads to a greater level of trust and comfort among all involved. As any parent knows, teens often relate best to other teens.

Meth addiction is a growing threat in Mississippi.

Meth addiction is one of the “fastest-growing” drug problems in Mississippi, according to the DEA. Just a few years ago, meth addicts were rarely encountered in Mississippi, with the synthetic drug mainly limited to workers in Mississippi’s trucking community.

Methamphetamine abuse is now much more common in the Magnolia State. Meth addiction frequently causes violent behavior in the addict, and the toxic meth labs that cook up the drug are prone to explosions and other dangerous incidents. In fact, there were 132 meth lab incidents in Mississippi in 2006, according to the DEA.

Other facts about meth in Mississippi include:

  1. There were 464 drug rehab admissions for methamphetamine/amphetamine abuse in 2005, according to the federal government’s Treatment Episode Data Set.
  2. Almost 4% of Mississippi residents aged 12 or older have tried meth at least once, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.
  3. In 2005, 12% of Mississippi’s federal drug offenses involved meth.

Long-term meth abuse leads to horrible health consequences, including extreme tooth decay (known as “meth mouth”) and even full-blown toxic psychosis, stroke or death. Quitting meth isn’t easy, as addicts who stop using experience difficult meth detox symptoms — but with the help of drug rehab, those detox symptoms can be greatly reduced. Drug rehab also offers clients the tools for long-term success, such as effective relapse prevention strategies and referrals to local community-based support groups. Take control by picking up the phone and calling American Addiction Centers today at 877-640-1943.

Additional resources:

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