Addiction Treatment California

Addiction Treatment California

Addiction Treatment California – California is a large and diverse state, as is its drug abuse problem. In this state with a population of more than 36 million people, cocaine, methamphetamine abuse and the rise of so-called “medical” marijuana are major issues. For help in quitting these drugs and others, call American Addiction Centers today at 877-640-1943.

California needs drug rehab.

Statistics from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reveal the serious need for drug rehab centers in California — in 2007, it was estimated that more than 2.7 million Californians aged 12 and older had used an illicit drug within the past month. That’s up from 2.57 million people just two years earlier. This epidemic of drug abuse in California includes:

  1. Nearly 2 million California residents who had used marijuana within the past month.
  2. 723,000 Californians who had used cocaine within the past year.
  3. Nearly 1.6 million California residents who had abused prescription pain relievers within the past year.

Alcoholism is also unfortunately common in California, with an estimated 6.4 million Californians having engaged in binge drinking within the past month. Alcohol rehab can make all the difference for California residents who are struggling with problem drinking.

Los Angeles is a hub of drug trafficking.

Much of the drug abuse throughout California can be traced to the illicit substances smuggled through the Los Angeles metropolitan area. In fact, Los Angeles is “one of the nation’s largest cocaine transshipment and distribution centers,” according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Cocaine traffickers typically transport the drug in vehicles that are equipped with hidden compartments and the traffickers offload the cocaine into stash houses.

This highly organized flow of drugs through Los Angeles significantly contributes to cocaine and other forms of drug addiction throughout California. Federal and local authorities have tried various methods to cut off the drug supply flowing through California, but it’s essential to reduce the overall demand — something drug rehab can help achieve.

California drug rehab centers are making a difference in the state.

Though drug addiction is a serious medical condition with serious consequences, it’s not unbeatable. Many former Californian addicts are leading happy, healthy lives, thanks to help received through American Addiction Centers. When you call 877-640-1943, our treatment consultants can connect you with highly successful substance abuse help located near some of California’s most beautiful cities.

Drug rehab in California is a proven life and money saver.

The California Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act requires that anyone in California convicted of a nonviolent, drug-related crime be offered community-based substance abuse treatment and probation in lieu of jail or prison. According to a California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs study of this law, state government saved $4 for every $1 it allocated toward drug rehab for nonviolent offenders. Sending drug addicts to jail, the state found, is far more expensive than providing the high-quality California drug rehab these addicts need.

Medical marijuana is a dangerous law that leads to more Californians needing drug rehab.

California voters in 1996 fell victim to a slick PR campaign by the pro-marijuana lobby and approved Proposition 215, a measure that allows for individuals to possess and smoke marijuana provided they have a doctor’s recommendation.

The law has lead to dubious “clinics” that prescribe marijuana for just about any health ailment, real or not. Marijuana addiction is exploding in California to the point that Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar recently wrote an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times decrying the situation as “out-of-control.” There are literally hundreds of marijuana dispensaries operating within the city of Los Angeles alone.

In San Diego, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in 2006 analyzed the patient list of one marijuana clinic, and found only 2% of the patients received their prescriptions for serious conditions like AIDS and cancer, with the other 98% receiving marijuana to treat minor ailments such as back spasms, headaches and anxiety.

Methamphetamine is a problem throughout California.

Methamphetamine in California can come from a variety of sources, including Mexican drug-trafficking organizations and small, unsophisticated laboratories usually operated by White, non-Hispanic Californians. These small laboratories have been discovered in all sorts of California neighborhoods, including high-density urban areas and remote desert locations. Wherever methamphetamine is supplied from, the destruction causes side effects ranging from paranoia and delusions to full-blown toxic psychosis, stroke or even death.

According to a California Department of Alcohol & Drug Programs report, methamphetamine is the “most commonly reported primary drug of abuse for all race/ethnicities in the California treatment system except for African Americans.” Methamphetamine and/or amphetamine was the primary drug of 69,415 people who were admitted to California drug rehab in 2006.

American Addiction Centers can connect you with the help you need. Call us today at 877-640-1943.

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