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Private and Exclusive Drug Treatment

Drug rehab shouldn’t feel like a jail cell, and it doesn’t have to put your career or good name in jeopardy. At American Addiction Centers, private drug treatment programs will, in confidentially, get you well. Call us today at 800-890-1956.

How do I know my treatment will stay confidential?

At American Addiction Centers, we take our clients’ privacy very seriously. Maybe you’re an executive with a high profile position and you don’t want the entire company knowing you need help overcoming drug dependency. Or perhaps you’re a college athlete and your scholarship could be in jeopardy if your status goes public.

Whatever your reason for privacy, (and you don’t need to tell us) we’ll make sure that privacy is respected at every stage of the substance abuse rehab process. Your phone call to our Treatment Consultants is always confidential, and the programs in our network are experienced in dealing with clients who require exclusive drug treatment in a five-star, 100% confidential settings.

What makes private treatment different?

Aside from an added emphasis on client confidentiality, our private drug treatment programs offer amenities you don’t typically find at standard rehab facilities, including:

  1. On-site gym with personal fitness trainers
  2. Daily laundry service
  3. Massages and other amenities
  4. Menus prepared by 5-star chef
  5. Relaxing, gorgeous natural surroundings

I’ve heard celebrities go through rehab in a weekend. Can I do that?

It’s true that some well-known public figures have opted for “quick fix” treatment programs that last only a couple of days – they simply don’t work. Addiction research has proven that longer rehab stays are more effective. Think of a 30-day stay as the bare minimum, and if your schedule allows, it’s worth considering a longer stay than that.

Even luxurious drug treatment programs take work.

Clients must endure the difficult drug detox process, and there’s also intensive emotional and psychological counseling that must address the root causes of addiction. But exclusive drug treatment boasts a very successful track record, due in part to their welcoming environments to those who may not respond well under a stricter, institutionalized setting. Special amenities such as acupuncture, massage and yoga also help ease the tension during treatment.

The bottom line…

Private drug treatment programs offer world-class accommodations and dining, but none of it will be worthwhile if you don’t pay attention to what our highly-trained, licensed addiction counselors advise. With an open mind and a commitment to making recovery work, the gift of sobriety will make every day feel like a day at the spa.

Exclusive, private self-pay and insurance-based drug treatment services are immediately available.