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Preventing Meth Abuse

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Methamphetamine continues to cause problems across our country, and its use and addiction often seem to be raging out of control. Some states are cracking down or putting into place some preventative measures that will hopefully help curb the use of this illegal drug.

Effects of Meth Abuse

Meth is used by people from many different walks of life. In fact, 10 million people in the United States have tried it at least once. The drug, known for the high it produces and the ability to speed up the user, is common in party scenes. It can keep the addict going all week long if they want. But meth has some awful side effects. First of all, it is one of the more addicting substances there is, and many people quickly find themselves caught off guard by the addiction it causes. Meth abuse also causes memory loss, psychotic behavior, and heart damage, among other things. Methamphetamine addiction can easily lead to unemployment, child abuse, and other crimes.

Increasing Meth Labs

Even with all the negatives associated with methamphetamine, it is still growing in popularity. One reason for this is how easily people can get their hands on this drug. It is common in nearly every community, and it can be made in home labs. The home manufacturing of meth has been simplified over the years to a one bottle process, making use of ingredients that can all be purchased legally. Meth labs, however, are dangerous to the makers, as well as their neighbors. There is always the risk of fire and explosion, and meth labs can endanger nearby water supplies with their chemicals.

Statewide Tracking System

Some states are making the pursuit and raid of meth labs a priority. Alabama has assembled task forces to search out meth labs and to enforce a meth prevention program. They are also implementing a tracking system that will monitor the purchase of a key ingredient for home meth labs, pseudo-ephedrine. The database tracks who is buying this ingredient and how much they have bought in the past, in the hopes of investigating those that buy large amounts. The tracking system is being used in 11 states already, and some more are currently considering it. As long as retailers join and work with this kind of system, it could help, and already has helped decrease meth production in some areas.

Meth Treatment

Because of its addictiveness, methamphetamine easily takes over lives, so that to the addict, nothing but the drug matters anymore. This makes treatment of this drug addiction difficult. The grip it takes on a person’s mind and their memory makes it hard for the patient to get past it, and detoxing from this drug is a struggle. Treatment of meth addiction is possible, and the right facility can help make sobriety a reality. But a lot of lives would be saved if more preventative programs were put in place. It’s better to avoid using drugs at all than to waste the years, money, and peace of mind on an addiction like this.


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