Kaiser Covered Drug Rehab

For more than 60 years, Kaiser Permanente health insurance has provided quality health coverage, serving customers from California to Washington, DC. Your Kaiser policy can be used for substance abuse treatment. At Treatment Solutions, we provide free assistance to Kaiser clients searching for the right Kaiser drug rehab. Call us at 877-640-1943.

Kaiser covered drug and alcohol rehab is a helpful, necessary step.

The decision to choose Kaiser drug rehab for you or your loved one is never easy, but the help of a highly-trained and professional Kaiser drug rehabilitation program could save a life. Putting addiction and suffering in plain sight allows counselors and other professionals to provide treatment. And by admitting addiction, your family can benefit from Kaiser drug rehab. With our free, 24/7 assistance, you’ll be connected to the very best Kaiser rehabs in your area. Call Treatment Solutions at 877-640-1943.

Disclaimer: Treatment Solutions is not affiliated with or endorsed by Kaiser. Kaiser is an insurance provider, and all drug treatment services are offered by Treatment Solutions’ family of facilities. The specific service you require and/or treatment facilities you attend may or may not be covered by Kaiser. Your individual benefit plan may vary, and we’ll help verify your benefits eligibility with any of our facilities or using any of our services. We will provide you with an estimate of benefits before any treatment or service decisions are made.