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Wouldn’t it be nice to be substance free? Not just heroin free, or oxycontin free, but also methadone free, alcohol free, even free from everyday crutches we may have gotten used to. Holistic treatment centers on overcoming substance abuse by looking at the whole person, by trying to get the big picture into focus, by promoting a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Whole Treatment

Many treatment facilities now offer a holistic approach to helping people get sober. This works because when someone has a drug or alcohol addiction, it is more than the substances that are the problem. Mental illness, events of the past, and family circumstances can all be factors that drive someone to abuse drugs or alcohol. In order to fully treat a person, it is necessary to create order in the rest of their life also.

Many people detox from drugs or alcohol, only to fall apart and turn back to it after treatment. This is because the pressures, the insecurities, or the things causing unhappiness are still present and cause the person to feel the need to rely on substances. But with whole healing, a person is able to stand on their own and be at peace without substances.

Types of Holistic Rehab

There are many different types of holistic rehab. There are the ones we might expect, including acupuncture, organic food, and medication. These things help us focus on complete health without using modern medicine. Some facilities offer culinary experiences with locally grown organic food, tailored to meet all of the body’s basic nutritional needs. Others have massage therapists, or acupuncturists that can cleanse the body of discomfort. Many programs have a spiritual core that helps a person rely on a higher power to live a clean, healthy life.

Other holistic approaches are maybe not what would come to mind when we think holistic, but they also help redirect the body and mind toward complete health. Experiences in nature, such as staying in the midst of beautiful mountains, powerful oak trees, or a sunny seaside help patients connect with the simple things in life. Adventure therapy gives patients a mission, to help them center on something other than their substance abuse. Equine therapy also provides a positive tool  to aid in recovery.

By providing a nurturing atmosphere filled with positive experiences, along with nutritious meals, support groups, and therapy, holistic patients can become completely sober. No more drugs or alcohol, no more medicines to take the place of the illegal drugs, no crutch. The journey is not easy, but with the right kind of holistic treatment, patients seeking a natural lifestyle can learn ways to bring themselves to a completely healthy mind and body.


Holistic practices can offer medical options

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Joel BlackJuly 25, 2010 at 4:54 pmReply

The body is a complete unit. Treating one aspect of a person’s condition and ignoring the rest is sure to result in less than desirable results.