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We Offer Addiction Treatment for Teens and Adolescents.

Teenagers like to enjoy a sense of independence and their own experiences, which often happen beyond the classroom – but they must be guided by responsible adults and positive role models. When experimentation gets out of control, treating a teen’s alcohol or drug abuse using a specifically adolescent-based treatment program is a successful method.

Treatment Solutions is proud to be an exclusive resource of American Addiction Centers – an organization that is home to The Academy, a premier adolescent treatment facility for ages 13-17. Its comprehensive program balances clinical treatment and education with healthy activities and recreation, all within a sober environment specifically designed to meet each individual’s challenges and needs. The Academy also places strong emphasis on academics, enabling clients to continue school at a state certified educational program during treatment; there’s no need to miss any school in order to receive drug or alcohol treatment.

More features include:

Comprehensive Assessments
Admission involves several comprehensive assessments, including medical, substance abuse and psychiatric evaluations. Clients are assigned individual therapists and case managers with whom they begin to develop ongoing treatment plans working toward discharge planning.

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Wellness Program
We encourage clients to improve their physical fitness and team skills through personal and physical training. Clients may also participate in yoga, walking trails and fitness groups each Saturday morning. Our registered dietitian provides nutritional assessments and services.

Family Program
Our therapists provide weekly individual sessions with clients and their families to assess family therapy needs, provide family education, and address outstanding conflicts.

Our case mangers are committed to working with our clients and their families to introduce healthy sober activities in their community, social support systems, 12-Step meetings, High School, GED or college classes and therapeutic appointments.

We’ve experienced a high success rate with our youngest clients, and will work with you to find a payment option that works for you and your family.

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