Get Help for Your Employee With Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Are you noticing an employee’s work beginning to slip? Is he or she showing up late, or missing workdays consistently without warning? Is your employee isolating at the office, or displaying sudden changes in appearance or grooming? If so, your employee could be abusing drugs.

More than 70% of drug users in the United States are employed and actively using drugs in the workforce. If you suspect your employee is abusing drugs, it’s time to seek help. Drug abuse on the job can lead to accidents, legal problems and death.

How to Help Your Employee

Recreational drug use is not okay in the workplace, and can lead to addiction – which can cost the company a lot of time, money and resources. Fortunately, there are safe, confidential ways to help an employee with a substance abuse problem.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) provide all employees, at no cost to them, with accessibly to counselors. EAPs can help with relationship issues, substance abuse problems or any issue preventing an employee from successfully performing his or her job.

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Drug testing

More and more companies require employees to take drug tests. However, these tests can be easy to tamper with and ‘cheat,’ which causes many employers to look the other way, which can waste a lot of company financing. After all, a positive drug test could mean termination or pushing the employee into drug treatment, which uses more money and resources. Employers should never shirk their duties to provide a fair drug test, and based on the results, should reprimand employees as the company sees fit.


Employers can also encourage preventative care or early intervention for employees by providing incentives for regular doctor’s visits. They can host educational events to help employees learn the benefits to staying clean, or create a culture in the workplace that focuses on healthy living.

Employers can also provide insurance plans for their employees that cover substance abuse treatment and mental health care, if needed.

Intervention Could Save Your Employee’s Life

Treatment is the best, most helpful option, and workplace interventions are designed to encourage your employee to enter treatment. These should always be carefully planned and executed by a professional interventionist, who can work with your employee to assess the situation and place him or her into the right treatment program that will ensure long-term recovery.

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