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Eminem Struggles with Drug Addiction

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Rap legend Eminem has been through quite a fight since he left the music scene in 2005. The rapper became addicted to painkillers and has been through rehab and relapses. In an interview with Vibe magazine this month, Eminem opens up about his past few years, what helped him get sober, and where he hopes his future will lead.

Dangerous Drug Scene

Eminem, Marshall Mathers, has been described as the biggest rapper in history. He has sold over 30 million albums and won an Oscar and numerous Grammys. But like many others in the music industry, the stress of traveling and performing, and the night life led him to drugs. Painkillers were Eminem’s drug of choice, sometimes taking 20 pills a day. He entered into rehab, relapsed on methadone pills, and nearly killed himself. That wasn’t enough, however, and he relapsed again. Like so many of the rest of us, his struggle with substance abuse was filled with ups and downs as he tried to free his life from drugs. And also like many people, Eminem says he turned to drugs when he was stressed by work. Coupled with a busy lifestyle, plenty of money, and pressures from others doing drugs, it is easy to see how someone in can fall into addiction.

A good friend

Eminem knew he had a problem, and wisely sought out help. Someone that was instrumental in helping him out of his addiction was an unlikely friend. Elton John and Eminem had become friends ever the years as they talked about the music business and performed together at the Grammys. Elton John, a former cocaine addict, was more than willing to give his advice and support to the young rapper, and Eminem credits Elton John as being a good friend and helping him stay sober.

Back to Life

Eminem has worked hard to get back into the music business and has recently completed his sixth studio CD. This album touches on many of the issues Eminem dealt with while fighting his drug addiction. The album, entitled “Relapse”, has a mosaic of the rapper made out of tiny pills on the cover. He talks about addiction and overdose in some of the songs, as well as the dark side of his mind. Some would say that Eminem is still working through some tough issues, such as the temptation to relapse, mental illness, and depression. The album is expected to be a hit with fans, however, who are thrilled with the comeback.

Eminem has been clean for a year now, and has worked hard in the studio with his rap songs in order to keep away from the drugs. Being back in the business that brought him to his addiction is bound to be difficult, but like all addicts, it takes willpower and support to replace the addiction with positive activities. Recovering addicts are encouraged to find a hobby, or new friends, or something to do to replace that addiction. For Eminem, it’s rap.


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leslieannOctober 26, 2009 at 4:05 pmReply

eminem is one of the best hip-hop producers i ever heard i may a teen but i understand wht its like to be abused and shit and going throught drug problems…..so i feel for him….its hard but yea….

delaneyJune 22, 2010 at 5:14 pmReply

hey leslieann he is not a hip hopper hes a rapper do you understand now?

County Line ProductionsJuly 11, 2010 at 2:37 pmReply

I am a rap music producer and I also have struggled with pain pill addiction.
Being a producer, I thought drugs would actually help me make that next banging track or write that next chorus and in the begginning it did but now, I am in my fifth year of addiction to Opiates and now I dont even have any equipment to produce with due to no job and pawning my keyboards and mixers to get high. I have been in and out of detox centers but its all up to you the addict to stay clean. In 2009 I got clean for 6 months and I swear it was the best 6 months ever. So Eminem is not alone…….

justin bolderyJanuary 5, 2011 at 3:10 pmReply

I swear I grew up just like marshal, except I didn’t have a dad or mom I just bounced from house to house. O was abused and al kinds of shit to. Now to help the pain I tke any kind of pain pill I can get my hands on to get hoght. I swore to my GF that I would quit and change when our lil boy came but still haven’t lived up to that and it’s ben 3 months.now she is gone aint got shit except whts on my back. But hey life is life and I have to deal with that. But he inspires me but I just dnt inspire my self. But I proud of him.

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