Eating Disorders Treatment

Eating-Disorders-TreatmentFitness has become a major priority and trend for Americans of all ages. But sometimes, and in young women especially, the concern for staying healthy can turn into obsession. For help in dealing with eating disorders, call American Addiction Centers today at 877-640-1943.

Eating disorder treatment can save a life.

They may be the deadliest mental disease, but eating disorders can be successfully treated with professional help via inpatient, residential or outpatient care. The earlier an eating disorder is detected and treated, the higher the success rate in achieving long-term recovery. At American Addiction Centers, we work to identify, assess and treat the underlying causes that led to the disease so the entirety of a patient can healthily move forward. Our programs are customized and comprehensive for complete lifestyle transformation.

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There are 2 primary types of eating disorders:

Anorexia. This disorder is characterized by self-starvation. The health consequences of depriving the body of the necessary nutrients are severe; 20% of anorexics eventually die from the disease. Symptoms of anorexia include a preoccupation with food, calories and dieting, frequent comments about feeling “fat” and development of food rituals such as eating foods in certain orders or rearranging food on a plate.

Bulimia. This is a binge-and-purge eating disorder that does serious harm to the digestive system and other major organs. Unlike those who suffer from anorexia, bulimics will often appear to be of average body weight. But there are warning signs that include evidence of binge eating, such as the existence of a large amount of used-up food wrappers, unusual swelling of the cheeks or jaw area and discoloration or staining of the teeth.

Eating disorder treatment should be based on individual needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to treatment of eating disorders. Upon admission to an American Addiction Centers facility, patients meet with our expert medical staff for personalized assessments to review comprehensive analysis, health baselines and health imbalances.

Through treatment, the American Addiction Centers staff addresses and treats depression, anxiety and other symptoms associated with binge eating and eating disorders using therapeutic programming and evidence-based treatment modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Clients participate in individual, group and family therapy, process groups and community meetings.

Our psychiatrist works closely with clients during during private counseling sessions and behavioral health assessments to determine the degree of structure necessary to meeting their individual needs. Call us today at 877-640-1943.

No matter your insurance, be it Cigna, Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross / Blue Shield (BCBS), Assurant, Unicare, United Health Care, Anthem, Carefirst, Asuris Northwest Health, Golden Rule, Celtic Insurance, Fortis, Health Net, Kaiser, Vista, Shelter, Wellpoint, Tri Care, Accordia or even Medicare, and state insurance — we can help you find eating disorder treatment. We also offer many affordable self pay options.