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Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) Continuing Education

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What does a Certified Employee Assistance Professional do?

A Certified Employee Assistance Professional, or CEAP, provides support and counseling to employees and their families on a wide range of workplace and personal problems that may affect job performance. They also can provide organizations with consulting and training.

How do I become a CEAP?

To become a Certified Employee Assistance Professional, you must get CEAP certification. To obtain this, one has to go through an employee assistance program and work towards a certain number of continuing education units, such as the ones offered through the Treatment Solutions’s two-day CEAP training conference. This conference helps you cover the advisement and personal development hours by providing continuing education units towards your certification.

Many sites also offer online continuing education for EAP’s.

What happens after I become one?

Support for a Certified Employee Assistance Professional is provided through the Employee Assistance Professionals Associations, or EAPA. Your membership in the EAPA provides you with guidelines and connections to keep you current on proper workplace policies and treatments in regards to workplace problems and issues. The workplace in today’s world is ever-changing and evolving, and support through the EAPA is a valuable way of keeping up on the latest and most effective treatments and procedures.

Why should I become a Certified Employee Assistance Professional?

    There are many benefits to becoming a CEAP:

  1. It benefits both your career and your income. Employee assistance needs are in high demand. Studies show that CEAPs that are employed to fill these positions are compensated at better rates than non-CEAPs filling the same positions.
  2. The CEAP certification demonstrates knowledge of employee assistance issues. Being a Certified Employee Assistance Professional shows that you know all the basics to provide effective counseling and case management for your client.
  3. Having CEAP certification shows that you are continuously developing your knowledge of employee assistance through continuing education opportunities. As mentioned above, CEAPs work to increase and develop their working knowledge of workplace issues through continuing education courses and conferences, like the above-mentioned one offered by the Treatment Solutions.
  4. Becoming a CEAP is a rigorous process. If you are a Certified Employee Assistance Professional, you are demonstrating to potential employers that you are a dedicated worker and that your profession is important to you.

Becoming a Certified Employee Assistance Professional is a rewarding experience, and it is one that will put you in the position to assist workplaces and employees for years to come. Contact the Treatment Solutions at their website to take part in furthering your career as a CEAP.

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