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Web-based intervention system may help people stay in treatment


The first step that most people take on their journey to leave substance abuse behaviors in the past is an intervention. With the support of family and friends, those with drug and alcohol addictions can receive the medical assistance that they need. From there, professional counselors and therapists can equip people with the skills to…

Daughter of NYC mayor honored for addiction recovery progress


Many people who struggle with addiction prefer to undergo recovery efforts in a private setting. Substance abuse can be a very intense subject to address, and unfortunately it carries a stigma among the general public. Those who have struggled with drugs or alcohol often prefer to avoid other distractions so they can focus primarily on their own…

Learn the 5 stages of substance abuse

Learn the 5 stages of substance abuse

Generally, substance abuse is a difficult topic to talk about. Many people have been affected in some manner by drugs and alcohol, yet the stigma surrounding the condition continues to suppress a public dialog on programs to improve treatment options and get those struggling with substance abuse into detox centers. In many ways, openly talking about drugs and…

Break these junk food habits for a healthier diet

Break these junk food habits for a healthier diet

The human body has been compared to an engine, and just like a car, it will poorly run if supplied with low-quality fuel. Every child grows up learning that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it kick-starts the body’s metabolism, and athletes are trained to eat a large meal the night before…

Recovery Idol gives Philadelphia-area former drug users chance to show talents


One of the most overlooked harms of addiction is the way it isolates people from one another, though the professionals at addiction treatment centers are experienced in the practice of rebuilding the connections that heavy drug and alcohol use have the unfortunate tendency to break. While some of those in recovery may still know people who continue to…

London embraces trend of alcohol-free bars


Alcohol is often called a “social lubricant,” meaning that only when people drink can they truly enjoy themselves in a crowd. This can be a dangerous approach to a substance that holds a high potential for dependency. Not only may people feel pressured to drink when they do not want to, but they may also…

Smartphone app may decrease drinking during recovery, study suggests


Alcohol rehab is often the first step that those struggling with heavy drinking take toward better lives. A variety of low- and high-intensity programs with professional counselors and therapists may help even the most habitual drinkers break out of their destructive tendencies. Group discussions may even highlight the emotional causes behind a life of substance abuse,…

Prescription drug can reduce episodes of heavy drinking


Completing alcohol rehab can dramatically improve the life of someone who had previously been addicted to drinking. In addition to treatment, constant communication with support groups and some help with prescription drugs, those who have struggled with substance abuse in the past can continue successfully on their path of recovery. A new study by researchers as Penn…

Wisconsin mother loses daughter to heroin, turns advocate


When a person dies from a drug overdose, the cost is terrible – a life lost, potential squandered. For those family members, friends and loved ones who remain, the toll a death from drugs takes can be just as horrendous but almost impossible to quantify. Mothers and fathers might have many questions that can no longer be answered,…

Stories of celebrity addiction encourages others to speak out


Since the death of Oscar-winning actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, many individuals – both celebrities and others – have been speaking out about their own struggles with addiction and experiences with rehab centers. It is believed that Hoffman’s death may have been the result of heroin use, which highlights the fact that addiction can happen to anyone….