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Study finds 11 genes that may predict alcohol addiction risk


There is no single factor that determines whether or not people will develop a substance abuse problem. For decades, the medical community believed that addiction was an active choice made by those with the condition, but further research uncovered the physical toll of substance abuse on the mind and body of the user. Research has also shown…

Enjoyment of alcohol’s effects linked to substance abuse risk


Substance abuse addiction is such a complex condition that even medical experts have trouble identifying a single issue that causes people to develop destructive behaviors with drugs and alcohol. While mental and emotional troubles factor into the presence of unsafe habits with dangerous substances, the problem is often much deeper than this. One contributing cause to addiction is…

Web-based intervention system may help people stay in treatment


The first step that most people take on their journey to leave substance abuse behaviors in the past is an intervention. With the support of family and friends, those with drug and alcohol addictions can receive the medical assistance that they need. From there, professional counselors and therapists can equip people with the skills to…

Daughter of NYC mayor honored for addiction recovery progress


Many people who struggle with addiction prefer to undergo recovery efforts in a private setting. Substance abuse can be a very intense subject to address, and unfortunately it carries a stigma among the general public. Those who have struggled with drugs or alcohol often prefer to avoid other distractions so they can focus primarily on their own…

Learn the 5 stages of substance abuse

Learn the 5 stages of substance abuse

Generally, substance abuse is a difficult topic to talk about. Many people have been affected in some manner by drugs and alcohol, yet the stigma surrounding the condition continues to suppress a public dialog on programs to improve treatment options and get those struggling with substance abuse into detox centers. In many ways, openly talking about drugs and…