Alcohol Relapse Prevention

alcoholism relapse Alcoholism is a disease that requires lifetime treatment. The recovering alcoholic must stay vigilant in recovery, and sometimes even return to alcohol rehab or enroll in an intensive outpatient program to prevent alcohol relapse. Call American Addiction Centers today at 877-640-1943 to begin the program that will keep you or your loved one sober.

Why do alcoholics relapse?

Relapses happen for a variety of reasons, from a sudden family crisis to the alcoholic simply not putting enough effort into recovery. But there are plenty of successful alcohol relapse prevention strategies that can help. Most relapses are preventable.

Avoid addiction-related “people, places and things.”

One of the most important alcohol relapse prevention tools is to avoid spending time with old drinking buddies who are, in many cases, untreated alcoholics. It’s also important to avoid socializing in bars or drinking establishments that used to be favorite haunts. Alcoholics shouldn’t kid themselves into thinking hanging out at the old bars and drinking club sodas will work. In time, the temptation often prevails and relapses occur.

And obviously, alcoholics with beer in the fridge or liquor in the cabinet only set themselves up for relapse. But even cooking sherry, mouthwash or matchbooks from their favorite bar should be removed from the home.

Relapses don’t mean lifelong sobriety isn’t possible.

Relapses are incredibly common; for many individuals, it can take several attempts at treatment and rehabilitation before achieving lifelong sobriety. The most important thing to remember is not to give up, and keep trying.

For help over the phone, recovering alcoholics can turn to their sponsor in a 12-step group, a professional addiction counselor, or the caring treatment consultants at American Addiction Centers. Call us today at 877-640-1943 for the help you need.

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