Month: November 2011

Recognizing Video Game and Internet Addiction

Imagine that something takes hold of your child’s mind so¬†forcefully that you can’t get through to them any more. Some kids suffer from addiction so severe they don’t want to do anything else all day. Many parents go through this with their child who is a drug addict, but it’s not just drugs that pull […]

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Addiction Causes Pain for Loved Ones

People get hurt feelings all the time in our world. Sometimes all it takes is a harsh word or a difference of opinion to set someone off. We may think that people who get their feelings hurt often need to get some tougher skin and not be so sensitive. Sometimes this is true, but sometimes […]

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Autism and Substance Abuse

Autism is a disorder that we are still trying to find out more about, with no real cure in sight. Parents are still learning how to manage this disorder, and should be aware that someone with autism will encounter greater challenges related to drugs and alcohol. Occurrence¬†of Autism According to the National Institute of Mental […]

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