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Taking Back Prescription Medications

Millions of Americans have been prescribed medication by their physicians to combat any number of ailments. While these are very beneficial for the patient, the problem comes when these drugs get into the wrong hands, are abused, and cause either death or a lifetime of addiction. Some organizations are working on different ways to keep…

Celebrate Family Day, September 28th

September 28th is the eighth anniversary of Family Day, a day when families are encouraged to spend time together, especially around the dinner table. The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University began Family Day in 2001 as a way to combat substance abuse. Research has shown that children that eat…

Lessons Learned

A lesson is defined as “an experience, example or observation that imparts beneficial new knowledge or wisdom”. In active addiction, I consistently refused to ‘learn my lesson’, so to speak. Time and time again, I’d repeat the same behaviors and receive negative consequences. Towards the end, I was aware that I was acting in a…

Comedy as Therapy for Addiction

People cope with difficulties and afflictions in different ways. When addiction strikes, some people will toughen up and fight back, others will try to give up, and still others will ignore it and hope it goes away. We all are individuals and react differently to situations, which is why personalized addiction treatment is so important….

Getting Past the Pain; How Spouses Deal with a Loved One’s Addiction

Family members and spouses of addicts are now learning to stand up for themselves, to work through their feelings, to get help for their loved ones and themselves. Addiction affects more than just the addict, and family members are beginning to take a stand for themselves and get the help they really need. Discovering an…

5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Say No to Drugs

“Just say no to drugs.” This message has been used so much over the years that many teens simply tune out whenever they hear another lecture beginning this way. Parents need to be more creative these days in keeping their kids off drugs, but for many parents, this task seems overwhelming. How do you get…

Bevell Blast: Burt Reynolds

I thought I’d take a quick breather from health care reform this week to refocus the attention on the reason I am so passionate about the topic in the first place…addiction. Listen, I know all of us have grown somewhat desensitized to the horror stories and cautionary tales that plague the headlines each day with…

From the Desk of Juan Lesende: How Drug Abuse Treatment Turns into Mistreatment

Chemical dependency Treatment is, too often, Miss-treatment. This is a legacy from its beginning. For, the first treatment “centers,” were not centers at all. They were Therapeutic Communities. Therapeutic Communities began as a grass-root effort to treat addicts, mainly heroin addicts,  that did not blend into the culture of Alcoholics Anonymous, and other 12-Step groups….

Substance Abuse and the Family

We’ve heard over and over how drug or alcohol addiction affects all aspects of a person’s life. Many people try in vain to hide an addiction, and keep it from ruining their entire life, but sooner or later things do start unraveling. Work may suffer, family and friends fall away, and for those that stick…

Suspicions about Substance Abuse

We all have people that we love and care about that cause us concern. Maybe they are always drinking, or seem to have an obsession about something, or seem to have fallen into depression. Maybe they are our children who are getting to be teenagers, or our friends that don’t have it all together anymore….