Month: July 2009

The Importance of Addiction Support Groups

If we look closely, we could find a support group for nearly every situation under the sun. There are support groups for cancer patients, divorcees, parents, those going through infertility, those that have lost a loved one, and even for those that are in a lot of debt. The thing about support groups that makes […]

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Holistic Treatment for Substance Abuse

Holistic medicine is a popular trend in our country today. But as more and more people have made use of this philosophy of treatment over the years, it is proving to be more than merely a trend. Holistic treatment is now used for many different ailments, including substance addiction and alcoholism. The definition of holistic […]

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From the Desk of Jim Bevell – Bringing and Keeping Addiction in the Media Forefront

The beauty of the internet as a public forum has truly elevated the idea of free speech to another level. As I see it, this cyber-medium is the last chance for individuals to seek out and deliver pure honesty without fear of censorship or editing, depending on where you choose to speak your truth. That […]

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