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Month: June 2009


Accountability is the “willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions”. In my active addiction, not only did I lack accountability, I sought at any and all costs to avoid it. I did not want to be held accountable for my whereabouts on any given day, for what lies I told to cover my tracks and […]

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Adolescents and Dangerous Behaviors

Now that it’s summer, do you know what your kids are up to? With more free time on their hands, and possibly less supervision from parents, this is the time when many teens first start experimenting with dangerous behaviors, many of which can eventually lead to drug or alcohol abuse. Drug-Like Behavior Teens now use […]

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The Government’s Responsibility for Substance Abuse Treatment

Everyone’s talking about the economy lately, and all levels of government are working on balancing their budgets in this time of crisis. Many advocates are asking for more money for a variety of causes, including law enforcement and medical treatment for those with drug or alcohol problems. While it sounds like a good idea to […]

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Private Luxury Rehab

Private rooms, luxury amenities, spa treatments, gourmet meals – it sounds a lot like a five star resort, doesn’t it?  Actually, it is one of the latest trends in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. While some people might poke fun at the celebrities that enter high-end, spa-like treatment facilities, the truth is that for some […]

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Modern Technology Aids in Substance Addiction Treatment

Our world is one of technology, gadgets, and internet everything. What about using some of that technology to help people get over substance abuse? Like many other fields, substance abuse treatment is also making use of the internet to make things a little bit easier for everyone. Privacy is an important thing for all of […]

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Economic Stress and Substance Abuse

In a time when many people are worried about the future, many are troubled about things in their past, and many are having a hard time making ends meet now, there are more problems facing individuals than just financial concerns. Many people are overwhelmed by the financial picture of the world today and are becoming […]

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10 Reasons not to try Meth

Methamphetamine is a crystalline powder that can be dissolved in alcohol or water and taken orally, snorted, injected, or smoked. It gives the user a high because it causes the brain to release high levels of dopamine. It is a commonly used illegal drug in our country, and like all illicit drugs, there are many […]

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School is out – What will your child be doing this summer?

The last day of school, when we were children it was a day signaling freedom, the promises of an adventure filled summer free of the responsibilities of school and the tyranny of authority. Now that many of us are parents and grandparents we anticipate the closing of school more with cynicism than excitement. To many […]

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Religious Substance Abuse Treatment

Many people today are unhappy. Some are worried about their finances, some are worried about their jobs, some are overworked, and some have bad relationships with family members. It is times like these that we see many people turn to alcohol or drugs to deal with their stress. It is also times like these that […]

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