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Month: January 2009

Hollywood Celebrities and Rehab

Another Hollywood star is spending time in rehab, something that has become very popular in the last few decades.  This time it is Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of rock-legend Ozzy Osbourne, and she admitted herself into a rehabilitation center in a continued effort to get herself clean from substances.  Kelly joins the ranks of other […]

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Treatment of Heroin with Methadone vs. without Drugs

There has been much talk in the past about the best way to help addicts come clean from heroin, with some people arguing for the use of drugs like methadone to treat patients, and other people holding firm to the idea that you can’t successfully treat a drug addiction with a drug. Unfortunately, there is […]

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The Pros and Cons of Non-Alcoholic Beer

Most people would probably agree that alcoholism is a big problem in our country.  Countless studies have been done and techniques have been used to try to prevent or treat alcoholism.  Some people may be wondering what role non-alcoholic beer can play in the treatment or prevention of alcoholism.  Seems logical, right?  Keep the beer; […]

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5 Signs Your Loved one is an Alcoholic

Alcoholism is something millions of people suffer with, and many more are affected by, because of a family member or friend that is an alcoholic.  It is usually something that people try to hide because no one likes to admit they have a problem.  But if a person is dependent on alcohol, it will only […]

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Help for Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

New York may have recently made a breakthrough in the treatment of substance abuse and mental illness.  The Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services and the Office of Mental Health are working together for the first time in order to effectively treat the 1.4 million people in New York that are afflicted with both […]

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Statistics of Drug and Alcohol Rehab

With so many treatment facilities to choose from, the decision for drug rehab may be confusing.  At a critical time in an addicts’ life, an overabundance of may not be the best thing.  It is a big enough step for an individual to admit they need treatment in the first place; it may not be […]

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Cluw Joins Global Pearl Of Wisdom Campaign To Prevent Cervical Cancer

This article is being posted on behalf of a great friend of Treatment Solutions. Carolyn Jacobson is the founder of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, an organization which is the national women’s organization within the labor movement. Click here to . This organization and Carolyn herself have a special focus on preventing cervical cancer, […]

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Dopamine Plays a Role in Risk-Taking and Drug Addiction

We all know the type; individuals that seem to love throwing caution to the wind and living life in the fast lane, the high rollers and the big spenders – risk takers. A new study has linked the tendency to be a thrill-seeker in a new way to the brain neurotransmitter, dopamine. Vanderbilt University Dopamine […]

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