Month: September 2008

Effects of substance abuse on children in the family

Drug and alcohol abuse is a large problem for adults in our world today. But it is probably an even bigger problem for the children of today who are being raised by alcoholics or drug users. These children have to endure a family life that is often unpredictable and chaotic, which can lead to many […]

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Alcohol Abuse and its Effects on the Economy

Most of us know that alcohol abuse causes conflict and problems in families throughout the country. And you may know that individuals and families spend millions of dollars each year on the effects of the disease of alcoholism. But do we know just how big of an impact on our economy alcoholism has? When measuring […]

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The Effects of Exercise On Substance Abuse

There has been a push lately for research that shows whether or not exercise can help prevent substance abuse and/or aid in the recovery of addictions. Some say that there is new evidence showing that exercise can help prevent substance abuse. A study recently found that teens that exercised daily were 40% less likely to […]

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